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How to get your stuff reviewed

We'll review CDs, videos, books, cassettes, vinyl, comics, software -- just about anything that has been developed as a commercial product. That means it must meet the following criteria:

  • Professionally duplicated and packaged.
  • Available through established distribution channels, via mail order, or for sale online.

This means that demo tapes, home videos, and other such materials will probably not be reviewed -- sorry, but even with around 200 reviews a month, we still have to draw the line somewhere. If you're not sure that what you have fits with all of this, contact us via our Contact form.

A note about MP3s and digital downloads: We will review MP3-only albums and tracks, or other digital media, as long as they're being made commercially available (i.e. for sale through an established Internet retailer such as, but you must send a copy for review on CD or other recordable media -- sorry, but we cannot take the time to download your album off the 'Net. Not all of us have high-speed connections, CD burners, etc.

Where to send review materials

Review materials should be sent to the following address:

Ink 19
624 Georgia Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32901

Review materials don't need to be addressed to anyone in particular -- we assume that everything we receive is intended for review. If you would like your review materials passed on to a particular writer, please attach a Post-It or similar note to the item itself -- we probably won't look at a package's labeling, but we do look at the contents themselves.

If you've built a relationship with a specific writer and/or editor, and would like to send material directly to them, please feel free, but understand that we cannot track this material or provide any information on when -- if ever -- a review will run. In these cases, please contact the person to whom you sent the material.

Our review process

Everything we receive for review has a "live" period of six weeks from the date of receipt. During this time, we actively promote the items to our staff, and writers are free to check them out, and if so inclined, review them. Whether something is reviewed or not is entirely up to the writer -- we don't "assign" reviews, as we prefer to allow our writers to write about what they enjoy. However, we encourage our writers to return any items they won't be reviewing, so they can be reintroduced into the process.

After the six-week "live" period is up, all items that haven't been reviewed are placed in a "holding tank" for another six weeks. During this time, the items are not actively promoted to staff, but are readily available for inspection by any interested writer.

Following that, most materials are destroyed or given out as promotional items. We do not sell records we receive for review, but we cannot account for any item taken by a staff member once it has been reviewed.

There are some limitations to our review process that you should be aware of. Despite the fact that we have a fairly large volume of reviews every month (we review between 150 and 200 items per issue), we still get about three or four times as many items as we could possibly hope to review. Simply put, we can't review everything we get, but we do try to at least examine everything. Don't assume that you'll see a review just because you sent something, though.

Also, since our reviews are not "assigned," we often don't know if or when something will be reviewed. You can contact us to find out, but try to understand that the answer will often be "we don't know." However, we do automatically send copies of the issue containing a review to the label or address listed on the item.

Following are a few tips for getting things reviewed:

  • Be aware of our limitations. Ink 19functions as a collective of volunteers who write in their spare time because they enjoy it. We do as much as we can, but unfortunately, we just can't do it all.
  • Help us out. Most of the time, we don't have any idea what a record sounds like, especially from a non-established artist. There aren't enough hours in the day for our editorial staff to listen to every record that comes in the door and figure out which of our writers may be interested in it. However, if you let us know what the record sounds like, we can help it find its way to the correct ears a lot faster. When inquiring about your record, let us know what it is we have, and we'll do our best to get it into the right hands. While this doesn't guarantee anything, it will improve your chances of seeing a review.
  • If we don't review your record, please understand that it's not because we don't like you or that your record isn't good, we just weren't able to find a writer for it. We understand that you've invested a lot of time, effort, heart, and money into your recording (not to mention getting it into our hands), and we do appreciate it, but again, there's just no way we can cover everything. Try us again in a few months or with your next record, and we'll be happy to give you another shot.

How to get a feature on your band

Ink 19is staffed by volunteer writers, so unlike other magazines, our staff writes about what they love, rather than what they're ordered to write about. This applies to everything, but especially to interviews and live reviews. This can make getting your band featured a little tricky, but our staff has very diverse tastes, so it's not as difficult as it may sound.

Your best bet for scoring a feature is to use our Contact form with all the relevant information (i.e. concert dates, press days, etc.). We will take that information and forward it to the staff at large, in the hopes of finding an interested writer. We're usually pretty successful, but keep in mind that we won't always be able to find someone. Be sure to give us plenty of lead time if you're targeting a specific time period because your band is coming through our region or is about to release a new record.

How to contact Ink 19regarding editorial coverage

Use our Contact form and select the Editorial department for any editorial inquiries, including artist interviews/features, concert reviews, and record/media reviews.

For more information

If your questions aren't answered here, there is more information available at

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