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General Policies and Vision

Ink 19 strives to be "The Glass-bottomed Boat of the Cultural Press," which is to say we provide critical analysis of today's media and culture. It is a group of writers, photographers, editors and other talents working together to produce a collective effort.

Events and Features

If you are organizing an event, or know of something happening that is worthy of coverage, please contact our editorial department. You can use our contact form to do so.

Media Reviews

We'll review digital and analog media in just about any format, as long as it is being made available as a product. That means interested parties have a reasonable chance of obtaining a copy, for a price or for free. Review materials should be sent to the following address:

Ink 19
215 Southgate Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32901

Our review process

Following are a few tips for getting things reviewed:

  • Be aware of our limitations. Ink 19functions as a collective of volunteers who write in their spare time because they enjoy it. We do as much as we can, but unfortunately, we just can't do it all.
  • Help us out. Most of the time, we don't have any idea what something is about, especially from a non-established artist. However, if you let us know what an item's influences are, we can help it find its way to the correct eyes and ears a lot faster. While this doesn't guarantee anything, it will improve your chances of seeing a review.
  • If we don't review your item, please understand that it's not because we don't like you or that your record isn't good, we just weren't able to find a writer for it. We understand that you've invested a lot of time, effort, heart, and money into your project (not to mention getting it into our hands), and we do appreciate it, but again, there's just no way we can cover everything. Try us again, and we'll be happy to give you another shot.

How to get a feature on your band

Ink 19is staffed by volunteer writers, so unlike other magazines, our staff writes about what they love, rather than what they're ordered to write about. This applies to everything, but especially to interviews and live reviews. This can make getting your band featured a little tricky, but our staff has very diverse tastes, so it's not as difficult as it may sound.

Your best bet for a feature is to use our Contact form with all the relevant information (i.e. concert dates, press days, etc.). We will take that information and forward it to the staff at large, in the hopes of finding an interested writer. We're usually pretty successful, but keep in mind that we won't always be able to find someone. Be sure to give us plenty of lead time if you're targeting a specific time period because your band is coming on tour or is about to release a new record.

How to contact Ink 19regarding other editorial coverage

Use our Contact form and select the Editorial department for any editorial inquiries, including artist interviews/features, concert reviews, and record/media reviews.

For more information

If your questions aren't answered here, there is more information available at

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