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August 2006

Event Reviews

Bon Jovi

Despite rain and hot weather, Bon Jovi heads back to Philly to give them yet another taste of some bad medicine. Brittany Sturges approves.

Dashboard Confessional

It was a Dashboard Confessional weekend at Orlando's House of Blues, with three consecutive sold-out shows. Jen Cray gave it a chance.

The Format

The ambitious sounds of The Format are Pet Sounds-era The Beach Boys for the Fall Out Boy audience. Unorthodox instrumentation, perfectly crafted melodies, and beautiful vocals that have the slightest hint of modern day emo whine, but not enough to make Jen Cray cringe.

Now It's Overhead

Athens, GA indie rockers Now Its Overhead now call two members of Orlando's Summerbirds In The Cellar bandmates. Their recent homecoming show, with Summerbirds opening up, was an event Jen Cray could not miss.

Sounds of the Underground Tour

This year's annual Sounds of the Underground tour promises to deliver the heaviest metal this side of Ozzfest to Orlando's Tinker Field. Jen Cray was there for As I Lay Dying, Gwar, Trivium, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, and a half-dozen other bands as they turned a baseball diamond into a mosh pit.


Yellowcard saves the day on an otherwise uneventful night. Brittany Sturges was won over.


Adam Green

A former member of experimental/indie project The Moldy Peaches, the enigmatic Adam Green has been going solo for the past four years. Jen Cray had an early morning chat with the anti-folk artist with the deep baritone voice.

Cheap Trick

Not too many bands could recruit Pearl Jam as an opening act, but the boys from Rockford, Illinois once did. Steve Stav, who once asked his mom if she could knit him a checkered sweater, corrals guitarist Rick Nielsen for an expectedly humorous look at America's greatest rock 'n' roll show.

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins went from taking over vocals for Black Flag when he was just a 20 year-old fan to becoming a renaissance man with his hands in everything from music to literature to acting to humanitarian work. Jen Cray catches the workaholic in the act.

People In Planes

If People In Planes don't blow your mind then you're not really listening! Jen Cray spoke with guitarist Peter Roberts about getting dropped from EMI and finding love in a foreign country.


Forget the scientific defintion; all you need to know about Polymer is their music. Brittany Sturges foregoes her Organic Chemistry homework to figure it out with the band.

Rainer Maria

Brooklyn, NY threesome Rainer Maria have spent the better part of the last year taking their sweet sounds all across the country. At their Orlando stop, they invited Jen Cray backstage for a chat.

The Fast Breakin' Classics

The Fast Breakin' Classics Bring '70s funk grit to old-school hip-hop. Kyrby Raine investigates what makes this secret sauce.

Music Reviews

Apollo Up

Chariots of Fire (Theory 8). Review by Andrew Ellis.

GU 10

GU 10 (Global Underground). Review by Kiran Aditham.

Melisa Prestianni

Overwhelmed With Love (B&M Publishing). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music A

The Adored

A New Language (V2). Review by Kiran Aditham.

Music B


Velvet Gold (). Review by Brittany Sturges.

Breaking Benjamin

So Cold EP (Hollywood). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Breaking Laces

Lemonade (Meeka Salise Music). Review by Brittany Sturges.

Music H


La Fin Du Monde (Boompa). Review by Kiran Aditham.

Music I

Ira Ingber

Here Is Where (Colonel Muscletone). Review by Kyrby Raine.

International Noise Conspiracy

Armed Love (American/Epitaph). Review by Jen Cray.

Music L


My Soul Speaks (Nealsight). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music P

Tom Petty

Highway Companion (American). Review by Jen Cray.

Music S

Rachael Sage

The Blistering Sun (Mpress). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Music T


Where Do You Start?. Review by Kyrby Raine.

Towers of London

On A Noose (TVT). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Print Reviews

Anatomy of a Secret Life

Psst! Carl F Gauze has a secret to tell about secrets. Peek over his shoulder while he delves into a new psychological study on the motivation and results of living a secret life.

Bang Your Head!

Listen up, you pencil-neck geeks! Tom "Tearaway" Schulte got the word straight from the heel's mouth in this autobiography of one of wrestling's great wildmen, the Missing Link.

Comic Book Nerd

After trolling through Comic Book Nerd's first issue, Matthew Moyer has only one thing to say: "Worst Comic Book Parody ever". Or was that best?

Martian Dawn

What happens when a poet works out his typing hand for a novel about Hollywood celebs hashing out their tabloid dramas in space? Brittany Sturges is left quite un-starstruck.

Riding With Strangers

Where you heading, man? James MacLaren has nothing but praise for Elijah Wald's tale of hitchhiking around the country. And of course he has a few things to say about hitchhiking myths and, hell, society in general.

The Boy Detective Fails

A recent novel by Joe Meno adds child detective to the "Where Are They Now?" file, and Scott Adams is in the market for a new moustache.

The Grilled Cheese Madonna

Ebay thrill-seeker Carl F Gauze looks at this collection of the auction site's weirdest moments like we would look at a family photo album. By the way, anyone interested in the World's Ugliest Green Vase?

The Why Café

Ever strike up a life-altering conversation in an unexpected place amongst unlikely company? Well, Carl F Gauze just discovered his path to enlightenment inside a beer tent! Or rather, that’s where the author of The Why Café slung him the small book with a big message about existence and fulfillment.

Will You Die With Me?: My Life and the Black Panther Party

Former Black Panther Flores A. Forbes tells of his years with the party that gave White America nightmares, and Carl F Gauze examines the bloody impact of that iconic raised fist.


Modern Masters: John Byrne

Everyone has lots to say about John Byrne. Matthew Moyer examines this collection of interviews and art that let the man and his work speak for himself.

Screen Reviews


Just when you think that the unthinkable has occurred -- a summer gone by without an inspirational sports movie -- along comes Disney with Invincible. How does this gridiron tale rank among its predecessors? Our man on the sidelines, Steve Stav, places it somewhere between Gus and Rudy in his postgame report.

World Trade Center

Oliver Stone playing it safe? The biggest controversy surrounding his new film is it's lack of controversy, as Steve Stav attests in his review of World Trade Center.