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And Justice For Y’all

Berserker/Game Two

And the scuzz-metal scene claims another victim, this month’s entry into the filth fold being Weedeater’s And Justice For Y’all (ingenious, no?). As if Eyehategod had a naughty, fun-lovin’ little brother, Weedeater (featuring ex-Buzzov*en member Dave "Dixie" Collins, go figure) seems content to play with firecrackers while the older sibling plays with dynamite, kicking up shit with more accessibility and cohesiveness and overall less chaos and overkill and perhaps less character and aplomb, but similarly obsessed with bad drugs, bad hygiene, bad decibels, and general bad living. Abused the cliché may be, but bassist Dixie’s backwoods gurgle seriously sounds like Lemmy after downing a pitcher of Drano – actually, make that two pitchers of Drano chased by an ashtrayful of Tequila. It may be a goddamn mess, but it sure is damn near an enjoyable one. Just don’t invite these dudes to your next kegger; they’re liable to drink all your beer and fuck your girlfriend.

Game Two, PO Box 22640, Denver, CO 80222,