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February 2009

Event Reviews

3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down may have been the headliners for a recent show at Orlando's Hard Rock Live, but for Christopher Long, Hoobastank owned the stage.

Bryan Adams

Christopher Long really loves Bryan Adams' recent acoustic set in Melbourne, Florida.

Fallen From the Sky

Fallen From the Sky and Static Radio woke up Orlando -- and Jen Cray -- for an afternoon punk show at the newly relocated Will's Pub.

Hot Water Music

An enthusiastic Hot Water Music set fails to revive a House of Blues audience left in the lurch by a no-show Naked Raygun.

NAMM - Winter 2009

The winter National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show brought in bodies despite a tanking retail market and plummeting economy. Elianne Halbersberg reports back on the future of music related technology.


The return of anti-folk master Paleface piqued the interest of few in Orlando, but those who did turn out for his intimate, late-night performance on a frigid winter night were treated to a rare moment of musical beauty.


Phosphorescent bathed Jacksonville in a pool of saturated country rock, fairly drenching Matthew Moyer in the glory.


Operation Rooster

In which Kevin Johanssen punks a famous independent actor/director/composer/supermodel. Warning: contains profanity. And Vincent Gallo.


Cherry Poppin' Daddies

It's been eight years since the Cherry Poppin' Daddies released an album, but lead singer Steve Perry has been keeping himself quite busy. Tim Wardyn talks with Perry about their latest album Susquehanna, becoming a real daddy, and... molecular biology?

Girl Talk

A boy called Girl Talk. A bio-engineering DJ. Rick Astley and Metallica? Gregg Gillis wholly embraces the philosophy of the "mash-up." Reyan Ali wonders if what Girl Talk does is legal, good for the industry, or can even be considered music. So, he asked Gillis about it, point blank.

Ron MacLean

Ron MacLean weaves a dream-like reality, exploring detachment and loss in his short story collection Why the Long Face?. S D Green conducts an unconventional interview with the author exploring, in part, technology's impact on human interaction and contemporary literature. Does it work? You be the judge.

Steve Weinberger

First-time author and rock-concert veteran Steve Weinberger has written perhaps the funniest overview of the mosh-pit population ever. Like a mad scientist, Weinberger categorizes and analyzes every species of concertgoer in No Air Guitar Allowed, painting them with deft satirical strokes and a surprisingly empathetic eye. Ink 19 and Weinberger discuss how he spent years of his life illustrating the differences between KISS and indie-rock fans.

Music Reviews

Music B


Steal My Horses and Run (Tee Pee). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Simon Bookish

Everything/Everything (Tomlab). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Coby Brown

Stars & Curses. Review by Andrew Ellis.

Music C

Cheap Trick

Live At Budokan (Epic/Legacy). Review by Scott Adams.

Music F

Fiction Family

Fiction Family (ATO). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Music G

The Guggenheim Grotto

Happy The Man (United For Opportunity). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Music H

Tom Heasley & Toss Panos

Passages (Full Bleed Music). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Garth Hudson

The Sea To The North (Breeze Hill). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Music K

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

Glassjaw Boxer (Everfine). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Music L

The Last Barbarians

Weekend Warrior. Review by Robert M. Sutton.


Live at the Paradiso - Amsterdam (Vanguard). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Music S

The Seven Mile Journey

The Metamorphosis Project (Fono'gram). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Slumlord Philadelphia

1347ad (Human Inhuman/ Worldeater). Review by Jen Cray.

Music T

Shannon Tower Band

For What It's Worth. Review by Robert M. Sutton.

Chris Trapper

Til The Last Leaf Falls (Starlit). Review by Andrew Ellis.


Lights Bane (Crucial Blast). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Print Reviews

Miles On Miles: Interviews and Encounters with Miles Davis

Shelton Hull finds there is much to learn in this collection of conversations with the enigmatic and innovative trumpeter, not nearly as reticient with interviewers as legend has it.

Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?

You might still love Liz Prince after reading her autobiographical comic, but if it's maturity you're after, you're in this relationship for the long haul.

Screen Reviews

Ben X

An autistic young man finds solace in computer gaming and wreaks ironic vengeance on his tormentors.

Klopka (The Trap)

Serbian Film Noir gets a shot of hope in the form of a hot, red Renault 4.

Last Chance Harvey

Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson offer up tender and touching performances in a predictable but surprisingly enjoyable romantic comedy. Julie Haverkate thinks this Harvey deserves a chance.

Foo Fighters

Are you ready to scream your lungs out?! Dave Grohl was. So were over 80,000 fans as they packed Wembley Stadium for a performance that was two parts ferocious rock and one part classic rock. All this makes Tim Wardyn want to go to a Foo Fighters concert so badly that he can taste the sweat flying off the TV. We'll let him explain.