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May 2006

Event Reviews

Living Things

Living Things are a rock band from St. Louis who are bound and determined to remind music fans that rock 'n' roll is supposed to be dirty. John Hood explains their live show, as Jen Cray shows you the proof.

Nine Black Alps

Manchester's Nine Black Alps give an intimate acoustic performance for Jen Cray and a handful of other fans at Orlando's Park Ave. CDs.

Rainer Maria

Indie pop trio Rainer Maria, give Orlando -- and Jen Cray -- an evening of sweet sounds and Molly Ringwald memories.

The Sounds

The Sounds and Morningwood on the same bill. Just take your clothes off at the tour stop and prepare for a night of debauchery. Jen Cray is there to join in on the fun!

Thomas Dolby

Blinded by science, indeed. Out of the blue, synth-pop pioneer Thomas Dolby is back — and sounding as if he never left. The cell phone technology mogul has taken a break from his day job, dazzling his long-lost fans with a brief spring tour. Steve Stav braved everything but inclement weather in order to file his report on Dolby's one-man show, which proved to be one of the most unusual concert experiences of his life.


Jealousy Curve

Steve LaFashia, guitarist for Jealousy Curve, chats with Brittany Sturges about winning the 2005 Zippo Hot Tour contest, the band's next album, their dream tour and forensics.

The Sounds

Felix Rodriguez of Sweden's The Sounds took time out from the band's current tour to call Jen Cray from Norway to chat about the band's sophomore release, their first headlining tour and Mark Wahlberg movies.

Music Reviews

Music A


Futurists Against The Ocean (Mimicry Records). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Music B

The Reggie Buie Trio

The First Time (Buie Entertainment). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music C


Skyshaper (Metropolis Records). Review by Jorge C. Galban.

Music D

Daddy Mack Blues Band

Slow Ride (Inside Sounds). Review by Joe Frietze.

Will Diehl

I Am Free (Pongid Music). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music F

Firefox AK

Madame, Madame! (Razzia). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music H


Wasted (). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Honor By August

Drowning Out The Television (Low Watt). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Music I

Immortal Lee County Killers

These Bones Will Rise To Love You Again (Tee Pee Records). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Music J

Greg Joseph

American Diary (High Wire). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Music K


Kingsley (Blood Orange/In Music We Trust). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Music M

Kris Miller

Alive and Well (). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music N

Matt Nathanson

At The Point (High Wire). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Music P

Glen Phillips

Mr. Lemons (Umami/High Wire). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Pride & Fall

Elements of Silence (Metropolis Records). Review by Jorge C. Galban.

Music R

The Raconteurs

Broken Boy Soldiers (Third Man/ V2). Review by Jen Cray.

Music S


Take You Apart (In Music We Trust, Rhythm Ace Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Josephine Sincere

Wildflower (Kixx Records). Review by Kyrby Raine.


Freedom Finds You (Lime Green Records). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music W


Vessel States (Jagjaguwar). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Print Reviews

Staring at Sound

Both rose-eyed fan and band insider, the Flaming Lips' official biographer takes Matthew Moyer by the hand backstage into their fabulous rock n' pop theater. Find out why Jim DeRogatis's bio on an indie success story (that hasn't made us cringe yet) makes this volume worthy of top spot on your reading pile.

The Booster

Attention fashionistas!! If you consider yourself a fashion guru, or just like learning what the latest trends are, then The Booster is the perfect book for you. If you’re like Tim Wardyn, then you’ll spend the better part of the book trying to figure out what DKNY stands for.

The Zen of CSS Design

You have much to learn in the ways of web design, impetuous one. Blind monk Ian Koss has only just now reached enlightenment and it's all thanks to the CSS Zen Garden. Are you ready to embrace the true path?

Tornado Siren

They say love grows in the weirdest places, but Tornado Alley? Carl F Gauze finds an enigmatic, leisurely read in Tornado Siren, a love story that examines the heady buildup and tragic fallout of disasters, both natural and personal.

How To Survive A Robot Uprising

Still think the computer revolution is a bloodless one? Ha! to you, says a new survival guide for those who've suspected a more sinister design behind the everyday glitches of living with technology. But don't worry. Just leave it to the well-read like Ian Koss to save your homo sapien hide when the washing machines attack.

Screen Reviews

Loose Change

James Mann compares two films about 9/11 -- the independent Loose Change and Flight 93.

The Da Vinci Code

Does the film adaptation of Dan Brown's phenomenal, controversial best-seller live up to the hype? Is The Da Vinci Code Ron Howard's Last Temptation, a cinematic response to Mad Mel's biblical epic? Our man in the pews, Steve Stav, delivers his own sermon on the subject.