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May 2007


Having heard amazing things about Anti-Flag's live show, Brittany Sturges got the chance to see if they lived up to the hype.

Billy Talent

After seeing Billy Talent perform, Brittany Sturges finally realizes what all the fuss is about -- and it's good!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

It could've been called the Bounce Your Feet Say Yeah tour, for that's what the packed house did from the very moment Clap Your Hands Say Yeah took to the Club@Firestone's stage. Jen Cray was in the midst of it all.

Electric Six

It matters not that they seem to play The Social every six months or so, Orlando will always come out, drink up, and have a great time to the sounds of Detroit's Electric Six. Jen Cray finally showed up to see what all the fuss was about.


NJ's pre-emo/melodic hardcore cult favorites Lifetime may have pissed off a lot of fans by signing to Pete Wentz's Decaydance label, but their show with The Draft still almost sold-out Orlando's The Social. Amongst the crowd was newly christened fan Jen Cray.


Orlando's most fashionable punks lined up around the block for the Hellcat tour headlined by psychobilly veterans, Nekromantix. Amongst the bequiffed masses was Jen Cray.


Touring with the original lineup for the first time in 14 years, indie rock's underrated heroes Sebadoh strolled into a soldout room at Orlando's The Social. Nothing could derail Jen Cray from not only witnessing this event, but talking with the band that helped create the soundtrack to her teenage years.

The Decemberists

When epic indie rock that's heavy with literary allusions, like what The Decemberists create, can sell out a large venue like the Hard Rock Live it gives Jen Cray hope for the state of music.

The Early November

With the March announcement that this tour would be their last, The Early November packed the Trocadero full of fans for one of their final shows. Brittany Sturges was there to say goodbye.

The Flaming Lips

Never ones to be pinned down to the standard drum-guitar-bass format, the Flaming Lips brought their eccentric sonic and visual baggage to the House Of Blues. Mary Petralia takes inventory.

The Take Action Tour

The Take Action Tour went on with the show, even with a change of the headlining band. Brittany Sturges didn't ask for a refund.


Taking a break from recording their new album, multi-faceted Thrice played a rare, intimate date at Orlando's The Club @ Firestone. Jen Cray was there to see which side of the band's personality showed up to play.

Tv On The Radio

Too often the latest indie rock buzz band are nothing but big fat disappointments. After witnessing their live show, Jen Cray can assure you that Tv On The Radio are not just the product of inflated hype.



After a decade of bad feelings, Max Cavalera and his brother Igor reunited onstage and performed some Sepultura classics, thus whetting death metal fans' already-rabid appetite worldwide for the reunion they said would never happen. Jen Cray spoke with Max in the midst of a tour with his current project, Soulfly to inquire about such possibilities.

The Horrors

The Horrors are a skinny, gothly clad bunch living inside of a late night radio flashback to the alternative side of the 70's and 80's- and don't we all want to slip into that dark little world once again?! Frontman Faris Badwan answered a few questions for newly converted fan Jen Cray.

Music Reviews

Music A

Afraid of Stairs

Afraid of Stairs (Lavender). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Alabama Thunderpussy

Open Fire (Relapse). Review by Jen Cray.

The Alternate Routes

Good and Reckless and True (Vanguard Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.


Sins (Novoton). Review by Aaron Shaul.


Number 1 in Iran (Apollo Braunshtein Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Asobi Seksu

Citrus (Friendly Fire). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music B

Tab Benoit

Brother to the Blues (Telarc). Review by Joe Frietze.

The Berg Sans Nipple

Along the Quai (Team Love). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Steve Bertrand

Pain Is a Megaphone (Icon/The Console). Review by Andrew Ellis.

The Black Watch

Tatterdemalion (Stonegarden Records). Review by Sean Slone.

Blacktop Mourning

No Regret (T-Recs). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Scott Blasey

Travelin' On (King Mouse). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Brand New

The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me (Interscope Records/Tiny Evil Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Eric Burdon

Wild and Wicked (AIM Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Music C

Camera Obscura

If Looks Could Kill (Merge). Review by Aaron Shaul.


Cerrone by Bob Sinclair (Recall Records). Review by Heather Lorusso.


Resurrection (Ferret). Review by Jen Cray.

The Chrysler

Cold War Classic (Flora & Fauna). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Catman Cohen

The Catman Chronicles 2: How I Want to Live (Keevay Music). Review by Joe Frietze.

The Concretes

Hey Trouble/Kids EP (Licking Fingers). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music D

The Dark Romantics

Some Midnight Kissin' (Lujo). Review by Jen Cray.

David & the Citizens

Until the Sadness is Gone (Friendly Fire). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Arrington De Dionyso

Breath Of Fire (K Records). Review by Matthew Moyer.

The Dear Hunter

Act II: The Meaning of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading (Triple Crown). Review by Jen Cray.

Dimmu Borgir

In Sorte Diaboli (Nuclear Blast). Review by Jen Cray.

DJ Starscream

The New Leader (N2O). Review by Chris Catania.


Live at the Fillmore (Interscope). Review by Addam Donnelly.

Music E

Electric Needle Room

My Socks Never Match (Self-Released). Review by Brittany Sturges.


Light At The End of The World (Mute). Review by Jen Cray.

Explosions in the Sky

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (Temporary Residence ). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music F

The Fabulous Rudies

The Fabulous Rudies (Fun One Records ). Review by Chris Catania.


Enter to Exit (In Music We Trust). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Fucked Up

Hidden World (Jade Tree). Review by Jen Cray.

Music G

Girl In A Coma

Both Before I'm Gone (Blackheart). Review by Jen Cray.

Great Northern

Trading Twilight For Daylight (Eenie Meenie). Review by Jen Cray.

Green Milk From the Planet Orange

You Take Me to the World (Beta-lactam Ring). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music H

The Horrors

Strange House (Stolen Transmission). Review by Jen Cray.

Hot Rod Circuit

The Underground Is A Dying Breed (Immortal). Review by Jen Cray.

Hotel Alexis

Goliath, I'm On Your Side (Broken Sparrow). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music I


The Spoon (SYJIP). Review by Chris Catania.

Music J

Jurassic 5

Feedback (Interscope). Review by Chris Catania.

Music L

The Locust

New Erections (Anti-). Review by Jen Cray.


Light From Sovereign States/Into the Night 7" (It's a Trap!). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music M

Machine Head

The Blackening (Roadrunner). Review by Jen Cray.


May I Meet My Accuser (Imaginary Conflict). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Magic Bullets

A Child But in Life Yet a Doctor in Love (Words on Music). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Tim Mahoney

Stay/Leave (Self-Released). Review by Andrew Ellis.

The Mary Timony Band

The Shapes We Make (Kill Rock Stars). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Monster Movie

All Lost (Graveface). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Mouthful of Bees

The End (Afternoon). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music P


Forbi Fabriken (Novoton). Review by Aaron Shaul.

The Photo Atlas

No, Not Me, Never (Stolen Transmission). Review by Jen Cray.

Music R


South Of Winter (Ren Records). Review by Matt Parish.

Music S

Chris Smither

Leave the Light On (Mighty Albert/Signature Sounds). Review by Sean Slone.

Alan Sparhawk

Solo Guitar (Silber Media). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Styx & The Contemporary Youth Orchestra

One With Everything (New Door Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

#3 (Minty Fresh). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Sun Kil Moon

Ghosts of the Great Highway (Re-Issue) (Caldo Verde). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra

Melody Mountain (Rune Grammofon). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music T

The Teeth

You're My Lover Now (Park The Van). Review by Jen Cray.

Tender Forever

The Soft and the Hardcore (K Records). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Thanksgiving/Adrian Orange

Cave Days & Moments/Bitches is Lord (Marriage). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Tokyo Police Club

A Lesson In Crime EP (Paper Bag). Review by Jen Cray.


Perhaps We Should Have Smoked the Salmon First (Graveface). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Walter Trout and Friends

Full Circle (Ruf Records). Review by Sean Slone.

Two Cow Garage

Three (In Music We Trust Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Music U

U.S. Bombs

We Are The Problem (Sailor's Grave). Review by Jen Cray.

Music V

Kenny Vance and The Planotones

Soundtrack to The Doo Wop Era: A Kenny Vance Collection (Ace Records Ltd.). Review by Carl F Gauze.


Okay (Bluesanct). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Music W

Will Wakefield and the Congress Hotel

Apt. 306 (Wakefield Records). Review by Steve Stav.

M. Ward

To Go Home (Merge). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Print Reviews

America, My Whore

Three hundred pages of sadomasochistic poetry. Carl F Gauze asks if he may have another.

Feeble Attempts

An odds-and-ends collection from this Illinois-based cartoonist.

Princess Masako

Who wouldn't want to live a fairytale life as royalty? In this new, controversial biography of Japan's empress, Mary Petralia notes that a gilded cage is still a cage.

Mexican Calendar Girls

Your wall calendar might say something about you, but can it speak for an entire nation? Eric J. Iannelli ogles Angela Villalba's colorful Mexican Calendar Girls and discovers a unique popular art form from south of the border.

Tales From the Farm - Essex County Vol. 1

Carl F Gauze finds that this new graphic novel is more than just the story of a boy and his farm - it's a gritty look at the isolation, boredom and human cost of living off the land.

Screen Reviews

First Annual Camp Out Live

On September 9 and 10, 2005, Cracker and a reformed Camper Van Beethoven hosted an intimate Woodstock-like concert in Pioneertown, CA, along with their entire musical family tree. Eric J. Iannelli takes a look at the DVD documenting that inaugural event.

Shrek The Third

Everyone's favorite Scottish ogre is back - but is Shrek The Third one sequel too many? Our man in the Land of Far, Far Away, Steve Stav, stopped laughing long enough to jot down his answer.

The Maxwell Multiple Climax

Hey guys! Feeling a bit, er, inadequate in the sack? Rose Petralia gives you the fleshy scoop on an instructional video that's guaranteed to have you and your partner's watermelons exploding.