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Nerd Revolt

Nerd Revolt

Independent Records

Not sure why nerds would revolt, as we seem to be running the entire world today. Love your iPhone? Why, thank a nerd. What nerds aren't known for is hipster coolness, at least not on the dance floor. Perhaps Nerd Revolt will lead us in that direction as we groove to this synth-heavy beat backed by a mysterious female vocal. I love those techno vocalists; I imaging them in flowing white dresses and long blonde hair and I suppose if I really met one I'd be disappointed.

Either way, this duo from the left coast really has its chops down. Any DJ would be happy to slip any of these cuts into a dark mix, and even listening to them end to end is a treat. There's the beat; it's not the fastest beat around but it's moody and syrupy. The synths range from under-sampled mantras of old robot films to snappy, noisy intruders in your personal space. Little clicks of punctuation keep the scene interesting, and of course, there are those sexy vocals. Hard to say if I have a favorite track, pretty much everything here is double plus good and fully Ink19 approved. But one warning: if you buy the physical, don't leave it in your car. The jewel case tends to melt in the summer heat.

Nerd Revolt: