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October 2006

Event Reviews

Aberdeen City

Ever heard of Aberdeen City or The Blue Van? Neither had Jen Cray, but if her predictions are correct, you soon will.


On this, the 2nd annual Gigantour,Megadeth took out a cast of new and old metal acts. Jen Cray found her place admist a sea of headbangers.

Reverend Horton Heat

Rockabilly veterans Reverend Horton Heat tend to come to town about once a year- and always with a kick-ass opening act. This year's guests of honor were Denmark's Horrorpops. Jen Cray was there to report on the fun.

Strike Anywhere

Strike Anywhere plus Bane... the perfect combination of hardcore and politi-punk for Jen Cray to shake out the frustrations of a long week to.

The English Beat

Ska was pronounced dead over a decade ago, yet the tours go on and the crowds keep coming. For The English Beat's current refusal to fade, Dave Wakeling and crew brought along a couple surprise UK ska legends- Lynval Golding of The Specials, and The Selecter's Pauline Black. Jen Cray saturated herself in the ska sounds of yesterday's England.

The Raconteurs

Jack White silenced the death rattle of rock music with The White Stripes and has gone on to ensure the future of modern music with The Raconteurs. Was there ever any doubt that Jen Cray would be at their Orlando show?!

Tom Petty, The Strokes

For his first show at home, in Gainesville, in 13 years Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers brought along The Strokes and- unannounced- special guest Stevie Nicks. Jen Cray couldn't believe her luck at being able to attend and photograph the event.

Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Celebration

Scott Adams travelled all the way to Chicago to scope out the veteran indie label's birthday. And with Big Black, Scratch Acid and the Didjits, amongst other label mainstays, reforming just for the event, there was no way he would leave disappointed.

We Are Scientists

Despite the Raconteurs’ gravitational pull, Art Brut and We Are Scientists managed to pack The Social on Wednesday night. Steven Green squeezed his way inside.


Classic Seventies Rock-inspired Wolfmother prove that Australia isn't just about vegemite and koala bears. Jen Cray soaks in the sounds from down under.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Small stage or large, the brilliantly weird rock sounds of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs- and the over the top charisma of Karen O- did not fail in turning Jen Cray into a screaming fan.


Beneath the Sky

After two years of recording and playing various live shows, Beneath the Sky recently announced that they had signed with Victory Records. Brittany Sturges chatted with them about the signing and about the pressures of becoming a "signed" band.

Jihad Jerry

With turban and sans crystal ball, Jihad Jerry (Gerald V. Casale) gazes into our collective future and passes on his visions to Charles D.J. Deppner.

Stewart Copeland

In America, he's a well-known film composer. In Italy, he's a highly-regarded concert drummer. In England he's a ... schlock reality talent show judge? Ian Koss talks to the man behind the drums and Everyone Stares, the recently released documentary about The Police.


Page Hamilton, frontman of the seminal metal/hardcore outfit Helmet spent some phone time talking with Jen Cray about label execs who piss him off, bands you may be surprised that he likes, and how all he really wants to do is make music.

Stars of Track & Field

Oregon's Stars of Track & Field are about to release their Wind Up Records debut that couples sonic ambience with larger than life melodies. Jen Cray had a chance to speak with drummer Dan Orvik while the band was en route to Seattle for a gig.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be gracing Orlando with their presence this October, but first here's a sneak peek into one third of the band's mind. Guitarist Nick Zinner talks with Jen Cray about what it's like to see the crowd from the band's perspective, and how it feels to exist behind a captivating frontwoman like Karen O.

Music Reviews

music A


En El Patio Interior (Acuarela). Review by Aaron Shaul.

music B

Black Ox Orkestar

Nisht Azoy (Constellation). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music C

Edie Carey

Another Kind of Fire (Accidental Poet). Review by Andrew Ellis.

music C


Sport (Sick Room). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Patrick Ryan Clark

Translation (Foreverything Records). Review by Andrew Ellis.

Music D

Joel Del Rosario

Calm In The Storm (Self-released). Review by Kyrby Raine.

music E


3WD (Gravitation). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music F

Face To Face

Shoot The Moon: The Essential Collection (Antagonist). Review by Jen Cray.


Foghat Live 2 (Foghat). Review by Matt Parish.

music G

The Grates

The Ouch. The Touch (Cherrytree). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion

Exploration (New West). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Music I

I Am the Resurrection

A Tribute to John Fahey (Vanguard). Review by Sean Slone.

Music J

Josef K

Entomology (Domino). Review by Rob Levy.

Music L

Last of the Juanitas

In the Dirt (Wantage USA). Review by Aaron Shaul.

music L

Dodd Michael Lede

Sophomore Jinx (Sonic Smack Records). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music M


Spider Monkey. Review by Carl F Gauze.

Rex Moroux

Royal Street Inn. Review by Andrew Ellis.

music M

Maylyn Murphy

Body & Soul (Self released). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music P

The Playwrights

English Self Storage (Sink & Stove). Review by Aaron Shaul.

The Prime Movers

Museum (Birdcage). Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music R


Radical Recital (Filthy Bonnet). Review by Bob Pomeroy.

Music S

Shrimp Boat

Speckly (Aum Fidelity). Review by Bob Pomeroy.

Stoley P.T.

Lesson #1 (In Music We Trust). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Street Drum Corps

Street Drum Corps (Warcon). Review by Jen Cray.

Music V

Mike Visaggio

Starship Universe. Review by Kyrby Raine.

Music W

Hugh Wilson

Unidirectional. Review by Kyrby Raine.


Winterpills (Signature Sounds/Soft Alarm). Review by Sean Slone.

Music Y

Year Future

First World Fever (GSL). Review by Aaron Shaul.

Print Reviews

Artificial Light

The frontman of a hugely popular rock band is found dead by a shotgun wound. Sound familiar? It's also the beginning of rock writer James Greer's elliptical new novel. And, as Sheila Scoville finds out, any resemblance to actual events or people is entirely purposeful.

Bronx Biannual

Sheila Scoville is dazzled by the range of subjects and themes in the first issue of a new "journal of urbane urban literature." Step to this.

Emperors & Idiots

Okay, so you have no idea why fans of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees hate each other with the same fervor that Quebec hates Canada? Well then, Tim Wardyn thinks Emperors and Idiots will help explain why this is the best (and most intense) rivalry in sports - or provide seasoned fans with even more ammunition.

Star Wars on Trial

Two nerds hold a mock trial to determine the merits of George Lucas's most popular creation. The result is somewhere between Night Court and A Few Good Men. James Greene Jr. is our court reporter for the day.

The Alter Ego Collection, Volume One

It's just a comic, right? Wrong. Matthew Moyer examines this anthology from the celebrated fanzine Alter Ego, full of comics passion, knowledge and treasures.

The Unauthorized X-Men

So you think you know about the X-Men? Len Wein, the creator of Wolverine, brings together Science Fiction and Comic Book writers to pick apart the X-Men universe for hidden meanings, allegories and other deeper meanings. Bob Pomeroy, at the front of the class, diligently takes notes.

Screen Reviews

Dick Van Dyke - In Rare Form

Black and white Kinescopes of Dick Van Dykes early years on the Pat Boone Chevy Showroom program.

Flags Of Our Fathers

In 1945, 6,821 U.S. servicemen and almost 21,000 Japanese soldiers perished during 34 days of battle on Iwo Jima. In Flags Of Our Fathers, three survivors-turned-instant celebrities struggle to adjust to life away from the battlefield. Our resident WWII historian, Steve Stav, offers more insight into Clint Eastwood's thought-provoking epic.

Grouch Marx and Redd Foxx

Short studio videos of Redd Foxx and Groucho Marx from the late 60's.

Homeland Insecurity

Bob Ham looks at the latest collection of shorts from DIY filmmaker Bill Brown, somewhere between Sal Paradise and photojpurnalism.

The Science of Sleep

In Michel Gondry's new film, a young man lives in a dream world as he pursues his artistic neighbor. Good date movie, sayeth Carl F Gauze, before collapsing back into existential ennui.