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October 2007 :: Event Reviews

Event Reviews


Akron/Family bring their travelling circus to Orlando. They say "Love is Simple" but on this night, as S D Green found, their music proved anythying but.

Broadway Calls

There's something so pure about a bill of up-and-coming bands playing a tiny bar with no stage. Such was the locale of Broadway Calls' Orlando stop. Jen Cray relished in the simplicity of a d.i.y. punk show.

Chemical Brothers

"You are all my children now." Techno rave meets Jim Jones as Chris Catania is inducted into the cult of Big Beat oblivion.


Interpol may not be the most exciting live band on the planet, but Jen Cray is hooked on their music deeply enough to keep going back for more.

Jamie T

Chris Catania finds himself amongst a crowd who wants to hear South London's own Jamie T play all night along. And after getting an earful of a tuneful melange of punk, r&b and everything in between, he's inclined to agree.

Rilo Kiley

You may not expect that Rilo Kiley would be high on Jen Cray's list of must-see live bands, but after their recent takeover in Orlando they most definitely are up there!

Sam Rivers and the Rivbea Orchestra

Will's Pub may have closed, but Sam Rivers' monthly jazz workshop finds new life at the Plaza Theatre. S D Green finally figures out who put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop.

The New Pornographers

A brilliant band with brilliant songs is hampered by the unforgiving sound of the Crystal Ballroom. Bob Ham was, for better or worse, there.

The Wildbirds

The Wildbirds were a mere opening act two months ago, but this time around they're receiving top billing on a show packed with talent. Jen Cray was one of the few in attendance for one damn fine night of music.