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A Static Lullaby

A Static Lullaby

Fearless Records

The epitome of screamo; that’s what A Static Lullaby’s self-titled third album is. It’s a class in balancing screaming, (pseudo)singing and melody. Starting with the pounding opener “Hang ‘Em High,” vocalist and lyricist Joe Brown (not Judge Joe Brown) starts off screaming all the way to the end of “Mechanical Heart,” all the while keeping a strong sense of melody. “Contagious” leans more on that melody while keeping the heavy lyrics and hardcore edge to the sound, while "Art of Sharing Lovers" is a straight-out vocal chord shredder.

A Static Lullaby has definitely grown with this album. Yeah, they still have the hardcore sound, yeah they still have the vocalist with a voice that won’t quit, but after a bitter breakup with the former guitarist and bassist, they brought in bassist Dane Poppin and a guitarist with the most hardcore name in music, John Death. With their addition comes a level of musicianship and ear-splitting riffage. A Static Lullaby is a must for any hardcore fan, especially fans of the band. This is the album that could launch them into the spotlight.

A Static Lullaby: