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September 2010

Event Reviews

Billy Idol

One of the eighties' biggest icons is back — Billy Idol is on tour, and Ink 19 was there to witness the U.S. leg's first show. Steve Stav attempts to bridge his Idol-worshipping teenage years with the 21st century in his riff-by-riff review.

Crystal Castles

Distortion-lovers, techno-heads, and retro-gamers showed up in full force at Orlando's Firestone Live for Crystal Castles with Brooklyn's Bear in Heaven. Eric Donath braved security, facial hair, and legal jargon to catch the show.


Interpol have lost their enigmatic bass player, but not their ability to bring the cool to even the hottest summer night. Jen Cray lets loose with the coolest cats in Orlando.


Brit-Pop darlings James have reunited with their incomparable frontman Tim Booth and are flooding American shores with their timeless pop songs. Jen Cray caught the first wave at Orlando's House of Blues.

Juliette Lewis

These days Juliette Lewis is more a musician who makes movies when she's not touring than an actress who dabbles as a rockstar. Anyone who has seen her live show, as Jen Cray has, can attest to the validity of the stake she's claimed on rock 'n' roll.

Meat Loaf

For those in need of a concert that's a little more theatrical than most, there's Meat Loaf, served up with a side of Pearl. Jen Cray caught the Orlando date of the legendary rocker's Hang Cool Teddy Bear Tour.

Miniature Tigers

Miniature Tigers' bold blending of indie pop with grandiose compositions makes them accessible enough for the casual listener, yet eclectic enough for seasoned critic, Jen Cray.

Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant's return to the road after a seven-year holiday finds her in better form that ever, as Jen Cray can attest.

Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls

A Roller Derby resurgence is sweeping the nation! least it is in East Orlando. Carl F Gauze caught the opening bout of the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls' season.


With a riotous sonic assault that nearly brought down the balcony at the Bowery Ballroom, Superchunk showed they still have the fire and intensity of their youth, kicking out the jams, shredding the wallpaper, and bringing the noise to a very enthusiastic crowd that included Jeff Schweers.


Charlie Benante

From their new record to their ever-changing front men to personal musical influences, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante had a lot to say leading up to his band's 2010 tour with thrash metal heavyweights Megadeth and Slayer.

James Kochalka

Matthew Moyer is enraptured with James Kochalka's wonderfully simple and joyous mix of early Peanuts and Gahan Wilson, earnest smiles, wide eyes, and rubbery bodies. You should be, too.

Mice Parade

Adam Pierce, head mouseketeer in the rhythm-heavy, fuzz-laden collective known as Mice Parade, chats with Ink 19 about his process -- and lack thereof.

Taddy Porter

Elianne Halbersberg has an insightful conversation with Taddy Porter's quite punctual Kevin Jones.

Music Reviews

Adam Franklin and The Bolts of Melody

I Could Sleep for a Thousand Years (Second Motion Records). Review by Eric J. Iannelli.

Allan Sherman

My Son the Folk Singer | My Son the Celebrity | My Son the Nut | For Swinging Livers Only! (Collector's Choice Music). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Aluk Todolo

Finsternis (Public Guilt). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele (Amanda Palmer). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Canvas Solaris

Irradiance (Sensory). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Chin Chin

Sound of the Westway (Slumberland). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants

Chris Shiflett & the Dead Peasants (RCA Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Deer Tick

The Black Dirt Sessions (Partisan Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Electric Sunset

Electric Sunset (K Records). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Gregorian BC

Conquistadors of War. Review by Al Pergande.

Jim Stanton, James Hillard, Severino, and Luke Howard

Horse Meat Disco 2 (Strut, Berlin Brands). Review by Al Pergande.

Jimmy Edgar

XXX (!K7). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Damien Jurado

Saint Bartlett (Secretly Canadian). Review by Carl F Gauze.


Run Where No One Goes (Mermaid Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.


Tall Shoulders (Whale Heart). Review by Carl F Gauze.


Catching a Tiger (Fat Possum Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.


Prepare the Preparations (Island Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Miles Kurosky

The Desert of Shallow Effects (Major Domo Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn (Vagrant Records). Review by Jeff Schweers.


The Mystic and The Muse. Review by Matt Parish.

Roy Orbison

The Last Concert: December 4, 1988 (Eagle Rock entertainment). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Spanish Gamble

It's All Coming Down (Paper and Plastick). Review by Jen Cray.

The Weepies

Be My Thrill (Nettwerk Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Thelonious Monk

The Definitive Thelonious Monk on Prestige and Riverside (Concord Music Group). Review by Scott Adams.

Various Artists

Black Sabbath (Idelsohn Society For Musical Preservation). Review by Carl F Gauze.


Hurley (Epitaph Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.

Wild Nothing

Gemini (Captured Tracks). Review by Jen Cray.

Music C

Kathryn Calder

Are You My Mother? (File Under Music). Review by Sean Slone.

Ray Charles

Genius + Soul = Jazz (Concord Records). Review by James Mann.

Music O

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

History of Modern (100%). Review by Ben Varkentine.

Print Reviews

Age of TV Heroes

A hardback history of Super Heroes on television, from the Man of Steel to the recent Aquaman series.

A God Somewhere

Writer John Arcudi fleshes out deeply tragic imperfections while telling the tale of Eric Forster's transformation from regular Joe to superhero, to monster in Wildstorm's new graphic novel. Keith Marks finds humanity reflected in its mirror.

At the Jazz Band Ball: Sixty Years on the Jazz Scene

Shelton Hull grooves on Nat Hentoff's most recent jazz writing, collected here in one short, sweet volume.

When That Rough God Goes Riding

A synopsis of Van Morrison's performance on stage and on vinyl, as described by the master of reading too much into too little, Greil Marcus.

The Last Living Slüt: Born In Iran, Bred Backstage

An Iranian refugee becomes the biggest band slut in England and North America.

Screen Reviews

F.A.R.T.: The Movie

The least funny movie about farting ever produced.

Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story

Ever wonder why this country seems to have gone to hell? Watch Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story and wonder no more.

Paul McCartney Really Is Dead

Is Paul McCartney really dead? Or is he feeling much better now?