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Alec Empire

The Destroyer

Digital Hardcore/Grand Royal

You've Got The Fucking Power

Various Artists

Digital Hardcore/Grand Royal

Atari Teenage Riot is digital hardcore, and Alec Empire is part of that as well. I know quite a few people that can't handle the intensity of ATR. On The Destroyer, Alec Empire tones it down to a level just bearable enough for most of the population. It's heavy, fast, brutal, and not for the faint of heart. The rhythms pound out with such intensity that it's hard to imagine anything but pure distortion pulsating out into a crowd in concert. I'd gladly lay my money on the table for that. If you aren't sure about this whole digital hardcore scene, Digital Hardcore Recordings has been nice enough to put out an excellent compilation: You've Got The Fucking Power. One track from each of the artists on the label. I can't pick a favorite on this one. They are all good, and will hold your hand as you wander into this new scene. The Patric C, Curse of the Golden Vampire, and Bomb 20 tracks are very easy to slip into a daze of confusion with as you grapple with reason. You will like digital hardcore. Just take it slow and easy, and soon you will be smashing around the dance floor with the rest of us. That is, as soon as we can find a place that will tolerate the decibel level. Grand Royal Records, P.O. Box 26689, Los Angeles, CA 90026

--drew West