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Left For Dead

Splitting Heads

No Idea/Phyte

Hell yeah. This is a discography of all the Left For Dead stuff, including the split 7" with Ochre, the split 12" with Acrid, and the split 12" with Chokehold, plus eleven live songs. Twenty-seven songs in all. Blazing, gritty hardcore that goes straight for the throat, with plenty of speed, breakdowns in all the right places, and anthemic lyrics to scream along with ("Who D'You Know?," "Kept In Line"). Another band I wish I had seen live before they broke up. Great, all the way through.

No Idea, P.O. Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604; Phyte, P.O. Box 14228, Santa Barbara, CA 93107

--Andrew Chadwick