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Last Update: Aug 12, 2007 16:54:16

Aug 12, 2007

Done promoting Smog, Smog Veil now promotes Green

from the Unveiled Edifices dept.

Chicago, IL, August 7, 2007 ­ Smog Veil Records announces the completion of the Wis Tavern Building (named after the bar that operated on the premises for nearly 40 year). After 14 months of construction the building is an architectural showpiece which illustrates how a historical preservation effort can successfully be wed to a 21st Century sense of aesthetics and functionality.

Originally built in the late 1880s, the edifice is now the first and only single-family residence in the United States that generates its own electrical energy through the use of rooftop wind turbines and solar panels in combination with geothermal heating and cooling, and is certified by the Leadership in Energy And Environmental Design (LEED). LEED certification is a rigorous test used to determine if the building was constructed using green and sustainable practices. The sustainable energy systems incorporated into the structure will generate an estimated 10,000 kilowatts of electricity per year ­ at least half of the building№s energy needs. The system also sports net metering, so that owners, Lisa and Frank Mauceri, can monitor how much electricity is being generated and used. If the system is producing more power than is needed, the meter indicates how much they№re sending back into the City of Chicago energy grid.

In order to realize their dream, the Mauceris teamed up with Wilkinson Blender Architecture. They worked closely with principal architect Michael Wilkinson and Greg Gibson who served as the project№s manager, as well as with renewable energy specialist Bil Becker of the local Aerotecture International firm and Green Project administrator Erik Olsen. Olsen was instrumental in making the Wis Tavern Building one of the case studies in Chicago's Green Permit Program.

The team was also able to successfully advocate a change to Chicago№s notoriously restrictive zoning code that allowed the wind turbines to be placed on the roof and won a grant from the city which helped finance the insulating roof garden. The green roof will minimize water runoff during the winter and block sunlight during the summer.

Eighty percent of materials torn out of the building when it was initially stripped to its walls, were recycled or reused. The original roof jousts were used to build interior staircases and landings. Drywall comprised of 99% recycled material was selected. Insulated glass with a low-e coating was installed, as well as energy-efficient appliances. The terrazzo flooring on the ground level is a composite of recycled glass and pulverized vinyl records from the label's old inventory.

The Chicago Tribune recently ran a feature on the building. "If one of the bands on our label decided to do an impromptu session in our office,І Frank Mauceri told the reporter "they could plug in and do it powered off wind and sunshine. That's pretty crazy to think about."

Preliminary estimates indicate the system will recoup its cost in 10 years or less, depending on energy price increases. For additional technical specifications, illustrations and photographs of the building please visit Smog Veil Records online at

Smog Veil Records was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991. Artists on the label include Unknown Instructors (with Mike Watt, George Hurley), Pere Ubu, Peter Laughner, Thor and Rocket From The Tombs. Label owners Frank and Lisa Mauceri are spearheading the initiative to Њgreen№ the music industry. Their manifesto is comprised of five precepts: 1) Green and Sustainable Live And Workspace; 2) Move Label Toward Digipaks And The Digital Future; 3) Increase Recycling Efforts; 4) Reduce The Amount Of Paper Used In Promotional And Marketing Campaigns; and 5) Involve The Industry, Artists and Fans.

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Mar 4, 2007

Musuc Nation Announces Third Week Winners

from the America's Got Talent? dept.

Music Nation has announced the winners for the third week of its online multi-genre video music competition. Each week, the public, together with the Music Nation panel of judges, votes to determine which artists move on the quarterfinal round. This week№s winners in the rock genre are Niki Barr and Matt Austin, Tina Dawn and Yolanda Ruiz in pop; and in urban, Nuthouze and Mirage. These six winners now move on to the quarterfinals, beginning April 23rd, which will be followed by semifinal and final rounds.

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Nov 7, 2006

Victory Records Sues Virgin Records

The label alleges the company attempted to steal away its former client, Hawthorne Heights.

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Sep 18, 2006

Babyshambles Sign with Parlophone

from the Dough for Doherty dept.

Pete Doherty's band have signed with a new label and plan to record a new EP.

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Jun 25, 2006

Joe Keithley (D.O.A., Sudden Death Records) announces creation o

from the Punk is not dead dept.

Joe Keithley (D.O.A., Sudden Death Records) announces creation of new record label Taboo Records Says Joe, I have started a new label called Taboo Records. Like I always said "Be your own boss!" well I guess I am taking that motto to the nth degree, as I am now running two labels! Our 1st label Sudden Death Records has been the home for all of our punk/heavy bands. Taboo will be the place to find some different styles including ska, rock and pop. In essence, “anything goes” with Taboo as we know that cool music can come in many different forms, so here's our chance to branch out. In the spring of 2007 Taboo will let loose with his new solo CD. It is going to be a real departure from D.O.A. as it will be a roots/ska album.

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Feb 5, 2006

A Root and a Beer

from the Valiant commercialism dept.

DIY homemade rootbeer: every six-pack comes with a compilation CD featuring 25 bands.

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Jun 28, 2005

Nike Drops Major Threat Ad

from the Corporate Dischord dept.

Just a week after it unveiled its 'Major Threat' ad campaign to promote its skateboarding tour/line, Nike has issued an apology to Minor Threat and Dischord Records. Apparently, their clever ad agency neglected to get clearance to use the image featuring the cover of Minor Threat's classic punk album for its banners. More importantly, they forgot the adage that 'hell hath no fury like Ian Mackaye scorned.'

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Jun 29, 2004

Paris Hilton Done Ruining Porn, TV, Moving On To Music

from the The Singing Socialite dept.

In a bold move guaranteed to drain millions from the Hilton family fortune into the pockets of much-smarter music biz mechanics, Paris Hilton has announced that a new album isn't enough (enough for WHAT?) and that she is going to launch her own label, Heiress, which will doubtless feature a stable of even-less-talented goons guaranteed to make Paris shine. Now THAT's the hard part. Maybe Lizzie Grubman can run the publicity department.

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Jun 24, 2004

RIAA Pays Off Anti-Trust Settlement With Crappy Music

from the Even When They Lose, They Win dept.

Poor Washington state... first, Microsoft pays off their anti-trust settlement with Windows software, and now the RIAA is paying of theirs with unsold crappy music (which I'm sure fills up a warehouse or fifty-three). After all, what school would pass up 1,355 copies of Whitney Houston singing "The Star-Spangled Banner"?

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Feb 20, 2004

John Hughes back with Slicker

from the No, you're thinking of a different John Hughes... dept.

New York, NY - February 10th, 2004 - Critically-acclaimed electronic artist Slicker (a.k.a. John Hughes) will be releasing his third album, entitled We All Have a Plan, on April 20th, 2004 via Chicago's Hefty Records. Slicker's sound has been the touchstone of Hefty's catalog, and We All Have a Plan is an amalgam of hip-hop, jazz, soul, powerhouse production, transcontinental sensibilities and organic instrumentation. It is an album whose sound effortlessly blends sonic experimentation and songcraft.

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Dec 15, 2003

Welcome Back, Axis!

from the And then there were... 2? 3? dept.

This bit of news should come as no surprise: Japanese labelzilla Sony and German uberlabel BMG have joined forces in a cross-the-world handshake not seen since the days of World War II.

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Nov 24, 2003

Warner Brothers Music Sold

from the Do it again, Bronfman! dept.

Tired of carrying all those zeros in debt, AOL/TimeWarner has sold off its music division to a private group of investors, including one-time Universal purchaser Edgar Bronfman Jr.

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Oct 23, 2003

300 Songs for $10?

from the Pre-Ripped For Convenience dept.

In another move of astonishing foresight (especially for a near-scoundrel of a label), Go-Kart records announced the Go-Kart MP3 Raceway, a compilation of 300 MP3s on two CDs for $9.99. For a full press release and band listing, follow the details.

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Oct 20, 2003

Go-Kart is Giving It Away!

from the Or is it Go-K-aaaaaarrr!-t? dept.

In a bold move that mimics horrible file-swapping baby-chewing piracy, Go-Kart records has announced that it is giving away entire troves of booty, er albums! Ink 19 heartily approves of this, me hearties, because while we would never condone the illegal file sharing that snatches the caviar from the label executives' mouths, we certainly support moves like this, even if they reek of high-seas larceny. Their press release is well worth reading -- follow the link for more details.

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Sep 15, 2003

Sour Apples Duke It Out In Court

from the Two Of Us Writing Contracts, Paying Lawyers... dept.

Revisiting the site of an unusually bitter feud, the Beatles have filed suit against Apple Computer citing breach of a decades-old agreement with their Apple Corps label, which stated that Apple Computer would not use the 'Apple' name within the music industry. Of course, Apple must have forgotten, what with all the excitement of the iTunes Music Store, their purchase of music software maker Logic, the release of their iPod portable music player, and many other computer-related developments. Personally, I'm a big fan of both Apples, so I hope the real winner is you, the viewer at home.

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Jul 25, 2003

Ninja Tune To Reissue 11 Classic Albums in US and Canada

from the Nostalgia Bonanza dept.

In 1994, a then relatively unknown UK label dipped their toes into the US/Canadian market by licensing their top releases to a company called Instinct/Shadow. Between the years of 94-96, various records were released through this arrangement. More times than not, what was being released was a fairly butchered interpretation of the original UK versions. In 1996 Ninja Tune said "to hell with this" and set up their own office over here to do it right.

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Jul 11, 2003

Record Labels Go For The Gold

from the Show Me The Money! dept.

While record labels thrash about in a tar pit of piracy (wink wink), the show part of the business has never been better. Now the labels want a piece of the action, and have recruited British uber-chump Robbie Williams as the first submissive soul to grant them access to the merch cookie jar. Interesting development, almost as interesting as Warner and BMG talking about some shadowy consolidation. You heard it here first.

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Apr 24, 2003

Putumayo Label Celebrates Ten Years of Global Rhythms

from the World Beat dept.

On April 13th, 2003 Putumayo World Music began a year long celebration of its 10th Anniversary. The label has planned a year long celebration of exciting activities, with not only cross-cultural music, but educational and corporate social responsibility angles as well.

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Jan 23, 2003

Rosen to Step Down from RIAA

from the Good Timing dept.

Hilary Rosen, the U.S. recording industry's head lobbyist who waged a high-profile battle against Napster and music piracy, is resigning at the end of the year. In a statement, Rosen cited personal reasons for leaving the Recording Industry Association of America, where she has served as chief executive since 1998.

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