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Screen Reviews

I Need A Dodge! - Joe Strummer on the Run

Nov 27, 2015

Joe Strummer loved Spain; meet some of his friends and collaborators as this look for a car he lost in Granada one night.

The Revenge of the Mekons

Nov 20, 2015

The Revenge of the Mekons takes a look at one of punk's longest running bands, and Bob Pomeroy tells all.

Your Vice is A Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

Nov 18, 2015

Discover the squishy joys of Italian "Giallo" films, they mix sex and horror and groovy cinematography.


Nov 13, 2015

A tale of dissolution and vengeance set in the Old West, told Italian style.

The Beast

Nov 6, 2015

In an explicitly erotic film we explore the collapse of French aristocracy and its desperate grasping for American money...and blondes.

Black Cats

Nov 2, 2015

Arrow Films releases two different versions of Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Black Cat," done by two master genre filmmakers.

Souvenirs of Bucovina: A Romanian Survival Guide

Oct 28, 2015

This low-key documentary on a little-known area of Eastern Europe explores its culture and history. It's a nice place, but I wouldn't want to invade it.


Oct 9, 2015

Overweight and middle aged, Mikael Kawa loses his wife and compensates by traveling to Kurdistan and trying out for the local professional soccer team. You CAN go home. Sort of.

Immoral Tales

Sep 30, 2015

Five erotic films from controversial director Walerian Borowczyk show that eroticism is not equivalent to titillation. Or is it?

Deep Sea Blues / All Jams on Deck

Sep 21, 2015

Two full documentary films about the art of white men playing black music for more white men. But on a boat...

Hip-Hop in the Holy Land

Sep 16, 2015

DJ Noisey travels to Israel and reports on the lively and diverse local Hip Hop scene.

Sir Ivan: I Am Peaceman

Sep 11, 2015

A banker with a midlife crisis becomes an artist with a sequined cape and a mission to bring peace to the world.

Glen Campbell... I'll be Me

Sep 4, 2015

Country superstar Glen Campbell keeps on touring even with severe Alzheimer's disease.

Jobriath A.D.

Aug 28, 2015

This early Glam rocker was written off after he came out before anyone else then anguished in obscurity until his death from AIDS in 1982. Here's his pitch for a Broadway musical.


Aug 24, 2015

A former astronaut helps a government agent and a police detective track the source of mysterious alien pod spores, filled with lethal flesh-dissolving acid, to a South American coffee plantation controlled by alien pod clones.

Izzy Young: Talking Folklore Center

Aug 18, 2015

Greenwich Village of the '50s and '60s is brought to life in Izzy Young: Talking Folklore Center. James Mann watches, and wishes he had been there.

La Grande Bouffe

Aug 13, 2015

Four well-to-do men gather in an obscure Parisian house to commit suicide by eating themselves to death. Part black comedy, part dated social commentary it mixes sex and humor and some very nice cooking tips.


Aug 3, 2015

A well-off teenage boy in Beverly Hills wavers between insanity and believing his family is an incestuous nest of shape-shifting slime monsters with money.

Stray Cats - Live at Rockpalast

Jul 24, 2015

A nicely packaged DVD/CD set of two live Stray Cats show from the early 80s.