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Sep 30, 2014


Twin Brother

Swallow The Anchor. Review by Carl F Gauze.

Sep 26, 2014


Sid Griffin

The Trick Is To Breathe (Prima). Review by James Mann.

Sep 25, 2014


Jack White

Event Reviews

Jack White plays Jacksonville, FL for the first time ever and gives the sold-out audience, and Jen Cray, a night they won't soon forget.

Sep 24, 2014


Sacrificial Youth (A Punk Musical)

Screen Reviews

A young man must choose between loyalty to "The Scene" and a paying career as a musician.

Sep 23, 2014


Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams (Pax-Am). Review by James Mann.

Sep 19, 2014


Information Society

_hello world (Hakatak). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Sep 18, 2014


Johnny Winter

Step Back (Megaforce Records). Review by James Mann.

Sep 16, 2014


The Turtles

45 RPM Singles Collection (FloEdCo). Review by James Mann.

Sep 15, 2014


Circle the Wagen

Screen Reviews

Dave Torstenson buys a beat up VW micro bus on the internet and heads for Los Angeles, one break down at a time.

Sep 12, 2014


A Survey of Open Space

Screen Reviews

A brother and sister bike from Brownsville, Texas to the Arctic Circle and discover what remains of the great American West.