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Jul 31, 2015


The Martian

Print Reviews

Can a man survive for two years on a strange planet without air, food, water, and Netflix? Ian Koss relates the strange tale of The Martian

Jul 30, 2015


Punk Rock Blitzkrieg

Print Reviews

Marky Ramone's tale of life in The Ramones is both sad and joyous. James Mann takes a look at Punk Rock Blitzkrieg.

Jul 28, 2015


Ike Reilly

Born On Fire. Review by Carl F Gauze.

Jul 24, 2015


Stray Cats - Live at Rockpalast

Screen Reviews

A nicely packaged DVD/CD set of two live Stray Cats show from the early 80s.

Jul 23, 2015


Johnette Napolitano

Naked EP. Review by Jen Cray.

Jul 22, 2015


The Knack

Zoom / Normal as the Next Guy / Live From the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fun House (2015 Re-Issues) (Omnivore Recordings). Review by Christopher Long.

Jul 17, 2015


Hop Along

Painted Shut (Saddle Creek). Review by Jen Cray.


Hauntologists Review by Carl F Gauze

Jul 16, 2015


Continental Drifters

Drifted In The Beginning & Beyond (Omnivore Recordings). Review by James Mann.

Jul 15, 2015


Rob Halford

The Essential Rob Halford (Legacy). Review by Christopher Long.

Jul 14, 2015


White Reaper

White Reaper Does It Again (Polyvinyl). Review by Jen Cray.

Jul 13, 2015


Shonen Knife

Event Reviews

Shonen Knife’s performance at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge is a Pop-Rocks fizz of Jap-punk distortions and colorful kitsch. May Terry indulged in the Shonen Knife experience with sushi, Pocky, and some great wok-and-roll music.